How To Fix Slow Transfer Speed In Xender Apk?

Learn How To Fix Sow Transfer Speed In Xender Apk through this exclusive article, with an Eesy-to-understand step-by-step guide.

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Why Your Xender Transfer Speed is Slow?

Sometimes it may happen that the transfer speed of data is slow in Xender. So, here are some reasons below to read and tackle if any of them is causing any problems while transferring data from one device to another.

Reason 1: Distance between devices

If the devices you’re using for Xender are far apart, it can cause slow transfer speeds. When devices are far away, they struggle to communicate effectively, resulting in slower speeds. To improve the transfer speed, try to bring the devices closer together.

Reason 2: Too many Wi-Fi signals

Another reason for slow transfer speeds is having too many Wi-Fi networks in the area. If there are many Wi-Fi signals around, they can interfere with the Xender transfer and make it slower. This often happens in crowded places. To improve the speed, try to find a less crowded area or connect to a Wi-Fi network with fewer signals.

Reason 3: Many apps running in the background

If there are many apps running in the background on either device, they may be using the Wi-Fi connection and causing slow transfer speeds. Closing unnecessary apps can help improve the speed of the transfer.

Reason 4: Not enough RAM

One of the devices may not have enough RAM memory or be too slow, which can affect the transfer speed. Insufficient RAM or a slow device can make the transfer process slower. Ensure that both devices have sufficient resources to handle the transfer.

Reason 5: Outdated Wi-Fi technology

If one of the devices is very old and has outdated Wi-Fi technology, it can lead to slower transfer speeds. Outdated hardware may not support the latest Wi-Fi standards, resulting in slower performance. Upgrading to a newer device with modern Wi-Fi technology can improve the transfer speed.